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Track list

  • Only Human4:47
  • Love Spell4:41
  • All That I Am4:16
  • When You Think of Me5:06
  • Without You4:22
  • Paranoia4:31

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Ryan's original debut album 'Right Songs For No One' was the album that started it all. With popular hits such as 'Tired,' 'Daydreams,' 'Thank You' and 'All Alone,' this album would act as the launching pad for his musical career. Written, recorded and produced entirely by Ryan, this album would gather the attention of directors, producers and industry scouts who would eventually help shape his musical career. Many of the songs would later be re-recorded with the help of acclaimed producer Chris Lee, and then shopped around to the major labels including; Epic, Interscope, Capitol, Sony BMG and Universal.

Track list

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1. Daydreams (as heard in the Lifetime movie 'Girl Positive' and MTV's 'Engaged and Underage.')

2. Tired (as heard on multiple episodes of The N's 'Beyond the Break' series) 

3. Thank You (as heard on ABC's Family's 'Jane By Design,' Lifetime's 'Monarch Cove' and MTV's 'Engaged and Underage' episodes.)

4. Waste My Time

5. Crazy (as heard on Lifetime's 'Salem Falls.')

The Albums...

6. Last Sunday (as heard in the Lifetime movie 'Girl Positive.')

7. All Alone

8. Make a Wish

9. Already Wasted

10. I Can't Take It 

  • Thank You4:22
  • Daydreams4:05
  • Tired3:41
  • Last Sunday4:52
  • All Alone 3:40
  • Thank You (Studio Version)4:44
  • Daydreams (Studio Version)4:01
  • Tired (Studio Version)4:09
  • Last Sunday (Studio Version)3:57
  • All Alone (Studio Version)3:49

Ryan's sophomore album 'Ordinary Day,' was a strong follow up album to his debut, incorporating heavy elements of piano, cello and acoustic guitars. This album would feature such hits as 'Only Human,' 'Love Spell,' 'Paranoia' and the military favorite, 'When You Think of Me.'

Ryan's 3rd and most recent album titled 'This Life,' features the popular hits; 'Love You Forever, Beautiful Day and This Life,' among other fan favorites. This record is full of soft vocals, catchy melodies and beautifully written lyrics that really exemplify his growth as a seasoned artist/musician. This album, along with the others, was written, recorded and produced entirely by Ryan.  

Track list

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  • Love You Forever4:01
  • Beautiful Day3:39
  • This Life4:29
  • Stardust 2:50
  • Do What You Love3:06
  • Take Back2:44

8. Without You

9. The L.i.g.h.t.

10. Little Miss

11. Whisper

12. Wired

13. When You Think of Me

14. Ordinary Day

7. Here We Go

9. This Game

10. Keesha's Lullabye

11. Lost Into You

12. Alive(as heard on MTV's 'Made' and 'When I was 17.') 

13. If I Could

14. BONUS SONG for CD purchase Crazy (Live Version)

1. This Life (as heard on USA Network's 'Common Law.')

2. Stardust

3. Beautiful Day(as heard on USA Network's 'Graceland.') 

4. Love You Forever (as heard on Disney's 'Girl Meets World,' and MTV's MADE and True Life series.)

5. Take Back

6. Do What You Love

7. Told You So

1. All That I Am

2. Only Human (as heard on CW's 'One Tree Hill' and Cartoon Network's 'Children Hospital.') 

3. Sleep 

4. Love Spell

5. The Masses

6. Paranoia

7. In The End